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Current issue

Vol. 11, No. 1 | June 2019

Participatory Appropriation as a Pathway to Self-regulation in Academic Writing: The Case of Three BA Essay Writers in Literature
Raffaella Negretti & Špela Mežek
Journal of Writing Research, 11(1), 1-40
Abstract | PDF |

A Critical Review of the Logics of Inquiry in Studies of Early Writing Development
Sinéad J. Harmey & Ian A.G. Wilkinson
Journal of Writing Research, 11(1), 41-78
Abstract | PDF |

Textual Mediation in Simulated Nursing Handoffs: Examining How Student Writing Coordinates Action
Lillian Campbell
Journal of Writing Research, 11(1), 79-106
Abstract | PDF |

Dialog as a Bridge to Argumentive Writing
Yuchen Shi, Flora Matos & Deanna Kuhn
Journal of Writing Research, 11(1), 107-129
Abstract | PDF |

Session Notes as a Professionalization Tool for Writing Center Staff:
Conducting Discourse Analysis to Determine Training Efficacy and Tutor Growth

Genie Nicole Giaimo & Samantha Jane Turner
Journal of Writing Research, 11(1), 131-162
Abstract | PDF |

Soaring to Successful Synthesis Writing
Linlin Luo & Kenneth A. Kiewra
Journal of Writing Research, 11(1), 163-209
Abstract | PDF |

Writing to Learn Increases Long-term Memory Consolidation:
A Mental-chronometry and Computational-modeling Study of “Epistemic Writing”

Angélica M. Silva & Roberto Limongi
Journal of Writing Research, 11(1), 211-243
Abstract | PDF |

Book Review
Eva Lindgren & Kirk Sullivan (2019). Observing writing: Insights from keystroke logging and handwriting
by Andreia Nunes and São Luís Castro
Journal of Writing Research, 11(1), 245-250


We thank Earli SIG Writing, the Belgian University Foundation (FUS) and the University of Antwerp (Belgium) for their financial support.

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