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Gender and literacy issues and research: Placing the spotlight on writing

Peterson, S.S., & Parr, J.M.
Journal of Writing Research 3(3), 151-161

In this introduction to a special issue of the Journal of Writing Research, we review four decades of research, bringing writing to the forefront in conversations devoted to gender and literacy. We identify the impetus for much of the research on gender and writing and situate the four articles in this special issue within three themes: gender patterns in what and how students write, cognitive and socio-cultural factors influencing gender differences in student writing, and attempts to provide alternatives to stereotypical gender patterns in student writing. These interdisciplinary themes, further developed within the four articles, underscore the need to consider gender as a complex social, cognitive and linguistic characteristic of both reading and writing.

PDF | doi: 10.17239/jowr-2012.03.03.1

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