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Contributions can be submitted on various topics related to writing. We especially welcome intra and interdisciplinary manuscripts. Subject areas covered by the journal include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic writing
  • Analysis of text, of genre, and of text quality
  • Cognitive processes in writing
  • Collaborative writing
  • Creative writing
  • Developmental aspects of writing ability
  • Evaluation and assessment of written products, writing processes, and writing profiles
  • Instructional design in writing
  • Language-specific and Cross-linguistic studies
  • Learning processes in writing
  • Links between writing, reading and speaking
  • Motivational and emotional factors in writing
  • Neuropsychology, neurology & neuro-imaging and writing
  • Pedagogy and instruction
  • Research methodology
  • Social and cultural aspects of writing
  • Teaching and learning of writing in different contexts
  • Therapeutic writing
  • Writing impairment
  • Writing and digital media
  • Writing and literature
  • Writing in first, second and other languages
  • Writing to learn and writing across the curriculum
  • Writing in professional and workplace settings

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