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OVERALL | January 2024

Linguistic features in writing quality and development: An overview
Scott A. Crossley
Journal of Writing Research 11(3), 415-443

Training writing skills: A cognitive developmental perspective
Ronald T. Kellogg
Journal of Writing Research 1(1), 1-26

Handwriting versus Keyboard Writing: Effect on Word Recall
Anne Mangen, Liss G. Anda, Gunn H. Oxborough & Kolbjørn Brřnnick
Journal of Writing Research, 7(2), 227-247

Trends in Research on Writing as a Learning Activity
Perry D. Klein & Pietro Boscolo
Journal of Writing Research 7(3), 311-350

Supporting Non-Native-English Speaking Graduate Students with Academic Writing Skills: A Case Study of the Explicit Instructional Use of Paraphrasing Guidelines
Yahia, I., & Egbert, J. L. (2023)
Journal of Writing Research14(3), 305–341.

Letters of gratitude: Improving well-being through expressive writing
Steven M. Toepfer & Kathleen Walker
Journal of Writing Research 1(3), 181-198