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OVERALL | January 2022

Training writing skills: A cognitive developmental perspective
Ronald T. Kellogg
Journal of Writing Research 1(1), 1-26

Letters of gratitude: Improving well-being through expressive writing
Steven M. Toepfer & Kathleen Walker
Journal of Writing Research 1(3), 181-198

Redesigning educational peer review interactions using computer tools: An introduction
Ilya M. Goldin, Kevin D. Ashley & Christian D. Schunn
Journal of Writing Research 4(2), 111-119

Help seeking, self-efficacy, and writing performance among college students
James D. Williams & Seiji Takaku
Journal of Writing Research 3(1), 1-18

From novice to expert: Implications of language skills and writing-relevant knowledge for memory during the development of writing skill
Deborah McCutchen
Journal of Writing Research 3(1), 51-68



LAST 12 MONTHS | February 2022

Trends in Research on Writing as a Learning Activity
Perry D. Klein & Pietro Boscolo
Journal of Writing Research 7(3), 311-350

Linguistic features in writing quality and development: An overview
Scott A. Crossley
Journal of Writing Research 11(3), 415-443

Read and think before you write: Prewriting time and level of print exposure as factors in writing
L. Kimberly Epting, Evan M. Gallena, Stephanie A. Hicks, Elizabeth N. Palmer & Traci Weisberg
Journal of Writing Research 4(3), 239-259

Understanding the Effects of Receiving Peer Feedback for Text Revision: Relations between Author and Reviewer Ability
Melissa M. Patchan and Christian D. Schunn
Journal of Writing Research, 8(2), 227-265

Writing in the workplace: Constructing documents using multiple digital sources
Mariëlle Leijten, Luuk van Waes, Karen Schriver & John R. Hayes
Journal of Writing Research, 5(3), 285-337.

Handwriting versus Keyboard Writing: Effect on Word Recall
Anne Mangen, Liss G. Anda, Gunn H. Oxborough & Kolbjørn Brřnnick
Journal of Writing Research, 7(2), 227-247