Writing processes as situated regulation processes: A context-based approach to doctoral writing


  • Anna Sala-Bubaré
  • Montserrat Castelló
  • Gert Rijlaarsdam




doctoral writing, regulation processes, writing regulation, research writing, situated process, key-stroke logging


Doctoral students face many challenges when writing research articles. However, little is known about how they regulate their writing process in a natural context, due partially to the lack of methods to explore writing regulation from a situated perspective. The present study aims at demonstrating a method to explore doctoral students’ writing regulation processes within their context of occurrence in ecological conditions. To do so, we focus on the writing process of Natalia, a second-year doctoral student, while she writes and revises an extended abstract for her first scientific article under natural conditions. Screen-recorder and keystroke logging software, writing logs, an open-ended questionnaire and drafts of her text were used to collect data about the processes and products, and about both her actions and perceptions. Analysis combining these different data allowed us to identify two types of episodes: production and regulation episodes, and six subtypes of regulation episodes, and link them to the section of the text and the challenges the writer addressed with each episode. Results also showed that regulation processes vary between sessions, in terms of frequency and in their goals, and that feedback promoted a problem-solving approach to writing.



How to Cite

Sala-Bubaré, A., Castelló, M., & Rijlaarsdam, G. (2021). Writing processes as situated regulation processes: A context-based approach to doctoral writing. Journal of Writing Research, 13(1), 1–30. https://doi.org/10.17239/jowr-2021.13.01.01




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